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James Comey, oh the humanity

CoverStory-Blitt-Comey-872x1200-1494533319The irony is staggering beyond all comprehension. James Comey violated the most basic of tenets of the FBI twice. And that rule reminds one of the first rule of Fightclub: you do not discuss ongoing investigations publically. And Comey himself emphasized that himself recently (listen to the podcast). That alone should open the door to an investigation and, most likely, the censure and firing of Comey.By defying this rule, Comey may very likely have essentially put Trump in office. But given the timing, as mentioned in the aforementioned podcast, it’s obvious that Trump summarily fired him for his own reasons and did so in his inimitable egregious way. I’m losing count of just how many ironies there are in this tragicomedy: he should be fired, but not like that, he’s a threat to Trump for many reasons, but he helped put him in office but… I need a drink.
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“ABC News: Russia warns it could halt foreign arms checks over ‘unfounded threats'”


Crimea River“ABC News: Russia warns it could halt foreign arms checks over ‘unfounded threats'”

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Frank Poliat

Oh! If Neville Chamberlain were only alive today, he’d know what to do!

1. Power mad,legally elected oligarch seeking power under the guise of saving his country from further humiliation and economic disaster = Ditto, revenge for treaty of Versailles.
2. Nuclear capability = the rearming of Germany, against treaty dictates.
3. Olympics = olympics.
4. Fuck the homosexuals = fuck the jews (and gypsies and homosexuals).
5. Invasion of “former territory” with threats of much worse if the world interferes = ditto.
6. Pussy Riot = Book Burning.
7. Posturing, narcissistic delusional psycho personality = ditto.
8. Powerless puppet figurehead (Medvedev) = Kaiser.
9. No funny mustache = funny mustache.

I Kid You Not Dept.

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HEY KIDS! What time is it? It’s time to play DIGITAL CORNHOLE!!!!!

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Putin out the Olympic torch. How the Greeks invented culture, sports and homosexuality.

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New Definition of “Hardcore Atheist” Pen Jillette

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Just overheard. Definition (Jillette’s ?) of a “hardcore atheist”: someone who doesn’t even believe that that OTHER people are NOT atheists. (!) Love it.

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“And not once did anybody say to me, ‘Socrates, hemlock is poison’.” From Tonight Show? Letterman, Steve Martin

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“Bonobo Pants,” for men who want to exude the style and grace of a horny, promiscuous Great Ape.

November 4, 2011 1 comment


OK, it’s WTF time in the land of the zombies and the home of the clueless. Does this company actually think that most people are not familiar with what bonobos are famous for? Arghhhh.

Whoever the people are who came up with this company’s name (and all the folks down the line who went along for the ride without raising the alarm) have broken the land-speed record for utter ignorance and stupidity.

And where did I see their ad? Here’s the best part… in Facebook. Yep. Figures, so this tells us just what kind of intellectual caliber we can expect out of Team Zuke 🙂  Yep this is the company website, I’ll bet you thought I was kidding right?

Who's wearing the Bonobo Pants in THIS family?

"Honey, when I saw you in those Bonobo Pants, I just had to have you..."

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