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Need some ART fast? Ten FREE Quickdraws Offer

FREE: WIN one of ten custom Quickdraws

FREE: WIN one of ten custom Quickdraws

I’m giving away TEN FREE


Submissions deadline Oct 15, 2011

Yours to use any way you see fit with no restrictions*


FIRST TEN submissions that meet the criteria win a FREE Quickdrawartist graphic. 

All 10 will be ready and sent to winners by Oct. 20 2011

See PORTFOLIO  http://quickdrawartist.com/Artwork/Artwork.html

Submission criteria

1. Must be for a business enterprise or non-profit

2. Must be an actual, verified business or non-profit with EITHER a web address AND/OR a listing in a published telephone directory.

3.These are to show off my “Quickdraw” skills, so please, no requests for a map of Manhattan showing all the bars. Just simple concepts.

4. Give SPECIFICS for your drawing

5. Not for enterprise level (would take too long)

6. Although I do logos, no requests for logos for this offer.

7. Winners will keep quickdrawartist.com address in the graphic (it will be inconspicuous).

8. I will pass on requests that seem to be leading nowhere (ie. does not look like my artwork would get any significant exposure).

* within reason, in other words, please do not publish in “Neo-Nazis Quarterly,” ok?

CONTACT: Quickcard at gmail dotcom

Feel free to share this offer.

  1. November 13, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    u want a one of my free graphics? gimme specs 🙂
    Nice blog
    thing about pigs … awful, same for all meats
    People r scum

  1. November 8, 2011 at 5:38 am

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